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You get your timber to the mill in the best sizes possible.

We get your timber to the mill in the best possible sizes.




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DigLynden  is a Professional Tree Service Company

serving Bellingham WA and all of beautiful Whatcom County.

For a free estimate in Bellingham or anywhere in Whatcom County  please call:


Doing tree service in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County is as exciting as anywhere on Earth!  The size of trees and the closeness to homes   makes for interesting situations.  I was up 120′ on Highland Drive in Fair Haven last January and got pelted for 5 minutes by hail so thick you couldn’t see through it.

And the views from 130′ up on Alabama Hill and Chuckanut are awesome.

DigLynden Tree Service  specializes in dangerous,
close quarter tree removals.

We also provide stump grinding, clearing and timber marketing, crane servicesstorm clean up and chipping,  as well as landscaping services, such as hedging, winter fruit tree pruning, and shaping of ornamentals.

The quality of a tree removal service company in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County can be measured by referrals and call backs.  We are always getting new customers but are thankful for all the business we do for past customers and their friends.  Going on 10 years in business is a testimony of the quality of tree service we provide.

We have purposely kept are overhead low to be able to provide tree service removal at aggressive price points.   DigLynden Tree  spends little, on average, for advertising, yet we get estimate calls everyday.

We build relationships and those relationships provide for an ever growing business.

We do a thorough clean up everytime.


We have been providing quality, professional tree service to Bellingham WA, and all of beautiful Whatcom County for over 10 years.

 We appreciate your tree service business.

If you need a reference, there’s plenty.  

Give us a call for your next tree service 360-318-9795

“we’ll go out on a limb for you!”

DigLynden Tree Service is a professional tree service serving Bellingham WA and All of Whatcom County.  Any phone numbers or emails that you use to contact us will be used solely for the purpose of discussing your tree service needs.

I’m Tim Bento, owner.  I climb a lot of our jobs and am a part of every one.  We are proven!

Thank you for allowing us to serve your family’s tree service needs.


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