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DigLynden did a challenging job this week around the Bellingham WA area safely removing

Tops in Bellingham WA

Great view - Love Bellingham and Whatcom County

8 90′ cottonwoods.

You can see to the left of the tree that I am on that I have already taken out the top.  I actually started on the tree that you see me in the picture, but it was so stinking windy that  I decided to climb down and take the tops out of the adjacent trees.

Used a great method to safely lower branches over a home on this particular tree job.  A lot of tree work allows the climber to cut rounds off and send them crashing to the ground.  When the trees are next to homes it requires a technique of lowering the branches and rounds using a port-a-wrap tied to the base of the tree and a pulley tied into the tree as an anchor point.  With this method there is no size of tree that can not be safely lowered.

This tree job was particularly difficult because of all the obstacles we needed to avoid crushing.  One of the biggest potential headaches was an old 8′ apple tree that a great grandfather planted.  After 8 90′ trees on the ground, the apple tree will live to see another season.

The most challenging tree was leaning way toward the house.  In  order to save the expense of using a crane I originally climbed up and was just going to take real little pieces, lowering them.  The top on this cottonwood had been taken out somehow in the past and the remaining portion was rotten, affecting 10′.  I was amazed it could hold the weight of the size of branch completely over the house.  The plan had to change once I saw how rotten the top had gotten.  I wrapped the top part a bunch of times to keep it from falling apart but was never convinced that it would hold my weight.  Like to be 99% sure when making decisions that affect life and property. You’re always thinking about catastrophe. Hopefully that keeps you alive.  

Well, decided to call my friend, Jeff Likell, who owns Precision Crane.

Hanging Out!

Hanging around the office!

I have been using Precision Crane for sensitive tree work in the Bellingham area  since we went on our own with DigLynden Tree Service in 2004.  We have done many tree jobs together.  

Precision Crane and I did a technique that we haven’t had to do together before.  I tied on to his hook with my steel core flipline, and my repelling rope.  He then lifted me up to the area of the branch that we needed to tie off on and I repelled to the cut point from there.  

Now it’s just a matter of calling the log truck and hauling these guys to the mill.  Found a market for cottonwood that uses them for making pallets.

DigLynden appreciates the opportunity to serve Bellingham WA and all of Whatcom County. We do free estimates and timber value consulting.  360-318-9795

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