Tree service supplies in Bellingham WA

There’s many businesses in Bellingham WA to get supplies to help you with your tree maintenance. Some better than others.

There are small, medium and large companies in Bellingham that can help you with your tree maintenance supplies and equipment.  To have a store front and not have a on-line sales effort seems old fashioned to me.  

A great place to buy professional rope and climbing gear is Wesspur.   The pricing is good.  I use the arborplex1/2 climbing rope.  At 150′ it’s about $100.  I like a thick climbing line. Feels solid in your hands.  It doesn’t have a tendency to slip through the carabiners  and cause quick drops while repelling.  I replace my repelling line at any sign of fraying.  Lot of times it can still be used as a pull rope or lowering rope.  Wesspur also has a great selection

Great pruning saw at Wesspur in Bellingham Iron Gate area

of pruning saws.   I have bought all sorts of hand saws from Wesspur.  

They carry top name brands for all the different types of products they sell.  The staff know the business and can give recommendations on what you are trying to accomplish.

Wesspur in located in the Iron Gate business complex area. 


For chains, wedges, chain saws, files, plugs and most of the supplies I need for maintaining my saws, I have been using Bailey’s On-line.  They supplies are the best priced I have found.  Their knowledgeable and friendly.  I bought a Husky385 for $400 less than they wanted for at Lynden Mowers’ retail store in Lynden.  I did buy several saws from Lynden Mower.  The owner passed my companies name on a few times and I got some business.  It’s a good place to shop and have your mowers repaired and serviced.  I went the way of Husky, but I have shopped at Carls’ in Ferndale, and General Chain Saw in Bellingham as well.  I really haven’t had good experience at any repair shop.  

I was blessed to meet a small engine mechanic that works on my equipment for $25 per hour.  Try some of the smaller independent mower shops you see around the county.  The high profile $80.00 per hour with a one hour minimum is too spendy for me.  Especially when it’s a 10 minute fix.  Your paying for the rent.  You should be able to find a good mechanic for $40.00 or less per hour.  

You probably all know this but in case it hasn’t become the norm for you yet.  Almost anything you need to know how to do has been made into a video and put on Youtube. For example you want to learn how to properly prune apple trees.  You can ask how to do almost anything imaginable.  Think of youtube as a video dictionary.  





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