Tree service in Ferndale WA – Seven birch trees safely down by DigLynden

DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 took down seven birch trees off of Trigg Rd. in Ferndale, WA Saturday.  Four, somewhat easy, and two that needed a little help.


Randy had done a great job cleaning his wooded area since I was there a couple years ago helping with some dead trees that needed knocked down, but there were a few that needed a little help.

The first one was a huge dead birch. The truck was 50” in diameter. At 15’ it split into two tops going up to about 50’. Completely toast. Put a one inch rope at the crotch where the tops separated and put a good pull on it with a come-a-long. That’s a tool that you don’t go to knock down trees without having in the truck. Tree fallers can really wedge a tree over, but I like the combination of wedge and pull to increase odds to a safe ending.

When I started the back cut on the dead one, the wood chips were flying out looking like the heart was rotted out. I left the hinge wood wide enough to hold the tree up but allow me to pull the tree over with the come-a-long. As the tree was coming over to the lay it just broke apart and came slamming down all in one spot.

Birch Tree in Ferndale WA, your service is not over yet...

The next four birch’s were leaner’s away from a large shop right behind them. They were all in the 70’ range.

The challenge was going to be not getting them hung up in surrounding cedars. The first one ended up getting hung up but I had two more to drop onto it to hopefully get it safely to the ground.

The second one ended up getting hung up on the first. Oh well, one more try.

This birch had a large top branch pulling the tree out of the desired lay, so as soon as I had room from the cutting of the chain I slammed the wedge deep into the back and began lifting the tree over to the lay. Cut a little, slam the wedge, cut a little, slam the wedge. She came down right on the other two pushing them out of the cedars and ending up in a nice stack to start bucking up for firewood.

The last one of these birch trees was leaning completely over the shop. Went up with the one inch rope to about 40’, tied it in and repelled down. Cut the face cut, and as I was cutting the back cut, we kept ratcheting the come-a-long until she stood up and then fell over to the lay.  Didn’t get video of this one but here’s another one a did for a friend.  Pulling tree over video.

It was a beautiful day to do tree service work in Ferndale WA. Nice and warm with blue skies. April has been great for our tree business this year.

Randy is giving me the wood so DigLynden will have lots of firewood this winter. Wrote a blog on firewood that might be of interest to you.  

A birch tree is solid and makes great firewood.

Lots of cutting to do.
Love doing tree work in Ferndale WA. The view of Mt. Baker might be the best in Whatcom County.

DigLynden does free estimates and our overhead is low, making for great service at a fair price.

Tim Bento

P.S. If you live in Ferndale and would like to be placed on a list for free woodchips, give us a call.

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