Why ask for a boom truck for tree service in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County

The advantages of having a 60′ boom truck in doing tree service

in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County is incredible. 


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Great advantages to doing tree service in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County!

Doing tree service in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County is exciting.  There are many types and sizes of trees to work on for arborist. Some trees are impossible to do without a bucket truck.

 Shaping large maples for example. Typically a customer may want a total crown reduction of only 10 to 15 feet.  The branches are not able to support the weight of the climber and even if they could the amount of time it would take to accomplish the service would not be cost-effective compared to a company with a bucket truck.  A boom truck is a great tool to do a lot of work for less money, compared to those having to climb through the tree to do the crown reduction.

When doing residual tree service work, there are many occasions we like to tie a rope into the tree, and pull them over to the lay.  A job that has multiple trees can be done faster by having the boom truck on-site.  60′ gets the rope high enough on most trees and takes a fraction of time compared to having to climb to place the rope in each tree.  This is another time saving feature of the boom truck, that results in money savings to you.

Large branches are often over homes, fences, and other “avoidables”.  Instead of having to lower each branch to the ground, very time-consuming, the boom truck gets the worker right to the tip of the branch.  Taking small branch pieces and throwing them  to a safe location. Safer than lowering and much faster.  


If you are starting to see a trend to the advantages of the boom truck, your right.  

Two advantages are: safety and time-saving.

The result is a safer, more cost-effective job for our customers.



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