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Wow, things happen fast in the tree business in Bellingham WA, DigLynden Tree Service finishes up one job and before we can leave the job site, the neighbor comes over to get a small project done.

Was on my way back to DigLynden’s company yard, and a neighbor was walking down the middle of the road. “Been meaning to come and say hi, can you help me with that hedge over there?”  I had the backhoe with me, so taking out the hedge was easy.  

Brought eight pretty good size laurel bushes home to plant “an instant hedge.” Love those!  Our neighbor has an industrial center going on in his back-yard and I have been trying to block some of the few for years.  Brought home some 15 foot cedars I tried to transplant.  They didn’t make it.  It’s so hard transplanting. But I keep trying. Maybe I’ll watch some youtubes on the process.  I know how, it’s just hard.  I go all over Bellingham WA and Whatcom County getting paid to take out different species of trees and plants and do my best to keep’em alive.  It’s a lot of fun. Been gardening for 20 years.

If you’re re-doing your landscaping in Bellingham WA, don’t throw those plants away.  Shoot me an email at and I’ll find time to come get them. There’s got to be some roots though. Not going to keep it alive if you just hack it off at ground level.

If the load is too big for you, give us a call 360-318-9795 and we’ll chip it up and haul it away.

The hedge I removed is Laurel.  This tree grows fast and big. Great hedge for Bellingham WA homes but you must maintain it or will it take over.

Laurels are a great hedge for homes in Bellingham WA. Just be prepared to maintain them in the spring or they will get big, fast.

Got them all planted this morning before heading out to take some small dead alders down for a long time customer on Everson Goshen Rd, just North of Bellingham WA about 5 miles.  Tomorrow I am going to wake up early and put B-1 on them. 

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