Clearing and Timber Marketing

DigLynden Tree Service is helping their Bellingham and Whatcom County customers get trees to the mill in the best possible shape and length to insure the highest dollar. You get your timber to the mill in the best sizes possible.

From our experience you start to get into value with at least 10 trees.   There are several mills in the area.

Douglas Fir goes to Great Western Lumber Mill here in Everson. 

Cedar goes down to Bow Hill Mill near Anacortes.  It’s a little bit of a drive but you get top pricing for you timber.

Maple, Alder and Birch goes to Washington Alder.  

As the customer selling timber you can easily get the current pricing from the mills.  Just google scaling standing timber and you are able to estimate how much value you have in wood.

We make sure that your timber goes to the highest paying mill.

We coordinate the complete process for you.  The self loader will be on the job site asap. Once the trees are at the mill, the check comes directly to you.  You should get paid for your timber within two weeks.

If you have a stand of trees, we can clear the acreage for you, take care of the debris and get rid of the stumps.  Call for details on clearing processes and cost.

Cedar and Alders have been very good in the past.  Timber pricing is good right now and you may be able to offset the cost of the removal of the trees with the sale of the logs.

We also consider wood that is good for fireplaces.  And adjust the cost of removal based on how many cords your trees may generate.

Call DigLynden 360-318-9795 for a free valuation of your trees.


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