Transplanting service trees and bushes in Bellingham WA and all of Whatcom County

Like the name says, DigLynden, cause we love digging up trees and transplanting them in and around Bellingham WA and all of Whatcom County.  Although most of our time is devoted to removing dangerous trees from around homes in Bellingham WA, we get calls to take out bushes, hedges, and all sorts of viable plants.  We have a wonderful 4 acre piece of ground we call home in Lynden and fill it will all kinds of trees and plants that would normally get cut down and thrown away.  

Hedging a 50' row of arborvitae at the Rusty Wagon near Bellingham WA


 Kevin, over at the Rusty Wagon, needed a 50′ row of arborvitae leveled and some removed and graciously gave the job to us at DigLynden Tree Service.  Over the years I have taken out hundreds of plants and bushes all over Bellingham and Whatcom County.  

It’s not an easy task.  Plants and trees do not like to be uprooted.  But I can’t seem to see them thrown away, so I go way beyond the quote to remove them and bring in my tractor and make it an adventure.  I am asked to do a lot of tree service removal, so it’s great to keep as much alive as I can.

When transplanting trees and bushes I like to dig deep on one side.  When I put the backhoe on the back-side of the tree it pulls the entire root mass out with minimal damage.  I don’t have time to take a huge root ball, so the success rate is not as good as it would be if you did, but I get a lot of the trees that I transplant to live.  Just can’t let them get dry at all for a good year.

To see if DigLynden Tree Service can transplant your trees or for any tree care need give us a call at (360) 318-9795

Tim Bento – Owner 

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