Stump Grinding North of Bellingham WA at the Lynden KOA

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Had an easy day today stump grinding north of Bellingham in Lynden WA. One of our repeat customers, think this is the fourth time we have been back, asked DigLynden Tree Service to get a small lot in Lynden ready for grass for a volley-ball play area for the kids.

Yesterday we got it rototilled and today we finished off a stump that the home owner had started. The lot is ready to go. Pretty basic.

On the way home, we popped into the Lynden KOA to see if Marty might need any stumps removed. DigLynden Tree Service removed four birches last year and although he had been meaning to get to them, at least cutting them down to the ground, it hadn’t happened yet.

We have several choices to choose from when it comes to stump grinding and removal. A smaller unit for getting through fences and into backyards, a system that sits on a three point on our John Deere 790, and a Vermeer walk behind that can take on the big boys.
It’s always amazing how much debris is created in stump grinding. One of the extra values DigLynden Tree Service provides is the clean up and removal of all the debris. And there can be a pile. We filled a one ton with the debris many times.

There is a skill involved in stump grinding. The main thing is to be diligent. The debris has to be routinely raked back from the work area to make sure the entire stump is removed. We put tarps up to keep debris contained in the work area. And use a pitch fork to probe for remaining stump.

We’ve done stump grinding all over Bellingham and Whatcom County WA. Today in Lynden, tomorrow in Bellingham.

DigLynden Tree Service provides complete tree removal services. Check out the website to see what else we might be able to help you with this year. Thank you.

Tim Bento – Owner/Climber
p.s. threw in an estimate late in the afternoon and lined up another tree job, love it! 

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