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Our customer today had bought a home with a raised flower bed around the outside of the backyard that had seven stumps left in it from a previous owner.  We used a small stump grinder that allows us to get through gates and onto smaller areas to get this type of tree service done.

Time for a root canal by DigLydnen Tree Service

There were seven stumps that needed to come out.

One of the main issues that arise with stump grinding is the mess. Chips can fly everywhere.  We always set up a tarp around the area we are chipping.  The process also creates a lot of debris. So much so, that it needs to be hauled away.  One of the things we include in our stump grinding is removal of the debris if you like.  It can fill the back of a truck.  

We look for trailer roots and remove them as well.  The neighbor wanted two small stumps removed from between her sidewalk and house. No room for the stump grinder. Besides there were water lines, and other obstacles I wasn’t sure what they were.  Had to get these out the old fashion way.  Dug them out and cut off the roots with a chainsaw.  Works good but pretty much destroys the chain.  Cleaned up all the debris and got the area ready for some flowers.

We have several stump grinders to choose from for this tree service.  One mounts on our tractor, and is great for multiple small stumps.  We did over 3,000 stumps for Holmquist Hazelnut Farm up in Lynden a few summers ago. 


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