Oak Street Lynden WA Cottonwood Trees


Nothing too exciting on this one.  Other than I crammed a six-hour job into four.  What a great day to do a tree job.  In the high 30’s, crystal blue sky and the sun just beaming.  Might sound normal to you but we can go weeks without seeing the sun up here in Northern Washington.  

20 years ago someone thought it would be nice to plant two cottonwoods in their backyard.  In that short time the whole backyard in choked with roots.  The entire backyard must be ground out with a stump grinder to get rid of the main roots.  You’ll never get rid of the tree.  Once planted it will send shoots up.  You just keep mowing them off.

Although these two trees were small for cottonwoods there was the fence, house and shed that all could have been damaged.  Never know exactly how the job is going to go until you are in the tree.  Was able to pull over three of the bigger pieces that sped the job up.  Just had to get them on the ground, no clean up.  My favorite.  I started a chipping job for another tree guy last Friday that doesn’t have a chipper and spent six hours of hard work.  Ground work is brutal.  

Had to lower most of the branches to keep from breaking things.  It all went good.  See up the next tree.

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