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Worked on a huge Douglas Fir today, getting some limbs away from power lines and avoiding fences. Great day to do tree service work in Bellingham.

Overlooking Lake Whatcom today on Poplar Drive in Bellingham Wa, DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 wasn’t too high but boy the branches were ginormous.

The base of this Douglas Fir was 10′ around, and the limbs started about 25′ up. Used a ladder to get up to a more manageable height.  Threw my flipline around the tree and caught it with the teeth of my hand saw.  Brought it in and popped the clip on my belt. Off the ladder and up the tree I went.

The main issue was power lines running through the tree.  I was blessed to have the power lines on the side with the least amount of limbs to remove.  A few of the branches were 25′ long and  15″ at the tree.  Pretty simple procedure.  I like to throw my lowering rope over a nice big branch above the one I am planning on lowering, then, because I leave a small stump when I cut off a branch, I use the stump to wrap the lowering line around seven times.  Nothing moves seven wraps.  I wanted to direct the break of the branch away from the power lines, so I placed a face cut  wedge centered toward the intended direction and came through with the back cut right toward the intended direction. It’s just like felling a tree on the ground.  Same technique. 

Although it would have been fun, the home owner said I could crush a dilapidated shed in

Not sure if you can see the limbs but they were the size of small trees. 25′ to 30′ foot branches and 15″ at the cut.

the kill zone, but it would have been harder to dig the tree branches out of the shed debris, so we got them down slow and gently.

Filled the truck to the brim with chips.  Got the perfect place for them.  Great sunny, warm September day in Bellingham WA, in Silver Beach area.  Awesome view of Lake Whatcom. 

If you are in need of an estimate for tree service in Bellingham WA, or anywhere in Whatcom County, please call 360-318-9795.  

Thank you,  here’s what the day looked like to me: 

Tim Bento – Climber/Owner DigLynden Tree Service

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