Getting lots of estimates for tree service in Bellingham WA

360-318-9795 I was once told that you have to advertise to get tree service business in Bellinham WA, but how to do it is the million dollar question.

I started writing about DigLynden Tree Service a few months ago, and enjoy putting down on-screen the adventures of tree service work in Bellingham, WA.  Tomorrow we will be in Fair Haven, a small town just south of Bellingham WA, to remove a thick spruce and 4 or 5 little cedars.

The idea of letting people know about the tree service work we do in Bellingham is to go beyond just another paid commercial in a phone book or static website that gives our potential customers little to no feel for who we really are and the type of professional tree service work we are providing in Bellingham WA.

Eight years of tree service work and going strong.  We get most of our new business from referrals.  That says one thing about our tree service, it’s good!  Tree service is physically demanding and has many interesting facets to get the job done safe and professional.

Some of the tree service companies in Bellingham WA will tell you how quickly they can get the job done.  We tell you how safely we can get the job done, and because we use a different philosophy about equipment, our overhead is lower, and our pricing is aggressive. We have a great relationship with other tree service companies in Bellingham WA.  Sometimes we exchange leads when we are super busy and someone needs something done fast.

What is it about a tree service company in Bellingham WA that makes a new customer choose them.  A proven tract record, a prompt response to the estimate, a fair price, and answers to questions.

We use every type of tree service equipment there is available today for our work in Bellingham WA.  Bucket trucks, cranes, excavators, whatever the job demands.  

If you need an estimate for tree service work in Bellingham WA or anywhere in Whatcom County, give us a call at 360-318-9795 and you will see right from the first call a refreshing difference in how we respond to your tree service needs.

Tim Bento – Owner/climber

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I believe that, " ...all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His Purpose." Romans 8:28
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