DigLynden Tree Service adds experience to the team for Bellingham WA and Whatcom CO tree removals

DigLynden Tree Service (360-318-9795), serving Bellingham WA and all of Whatcom

Tree Service Experience is the name of the game Bellingham

County, is utilizing the skill and experience of a professional tree feller.  

With 13 years of daily falling for Weyerhaeuser, Steve is a pro.  Averaging 125 trees per day for 13 years, he considers a 12″ margin of error generous.  Watching him work is amazing.  Operating on a level of confidence, there is no fear when he decides it’s a go ahead, that the tree will end up on the lay. 

 At a recent job near Bellingham WA, Steve performed to the top-level of his field.  Dropping two 70′ cottonwoods within 10′ feet of the home, the margin is Steve’s mind was the size of a football field.  I got to help out by limbing and taking out the tops, but dropping trees of that length helped get them to the mill at maximum value.  And we did find a market for the cottonwoods.

To insure the tree hitting the lay, if there is any question as to the balance of the tree we tie a pull rope and either use a come-a-long or truck to pull it over.  On this tree job we had a cottonwood in the very back of the property leaning away from the lay.  I climbed up around 40′ to place to pull rope, tied it to our truck, and as Steve was doing the back cut, we kept pressure on the rope until it sat up and began to favor the lay.  Once the tree was sitting up, Steve gave the nod and I pulled hard with the truck.  Once it starts it goes.  Great feeling seeing dangerous trees on the ground.  

90' up a cottonwood near Bellingham WA

DigLydnen gets most of its business from repeat customers.  Enough new come in to add to the month, but we are steady and busy.  When DigLydnen leaves a tree service job in Bellingham WA and all of its other cities, there is nothing left but the smell!

For a free estimate on any tree service need you may have in Bellingham or Whatcom County WA please call 360-318-9795.

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