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80' Cottonwood next to home near Bellingham WA

It’s nice sometimes to do tree service work in Bellingham WA where you drop the tree and walk away. Although roughly have the expense of removing trees is the cost of clean-up.  And we do appreciate that extra service.

This tree job was a lot of fun.

It was an 80’ foot cottonwood five feet away from the side of the garage.


It can be difficult to read the balance of a cottonwood tree. That means being able to know the overall balance of the weight of the tree and which way it naturally wants to fall. Since cottonwood branches go out from every direction near the top, the favor to the lay is more difficult to see. Because of this, to improve safety, we will climb up and put a pull rope in the tree. For this cottonwood we used a one inch, 150’ foot rope with a come-a-long to create a lean away from the house. This is done by climbing up to about the top third of the tree. 

Once we have the pull rope set, we repel down and get ready for felling the tree. I like to have two saws running when dropping trees. I also always fill gas tanks and have wedges ready. I wedge every time. A few extra precautions on every job makes a difference in preventing failure. Although predictable, the tree will surprise you and set back. The pull rope and wedges are there to get the tree going in the right direction again. By leaving a two to three inch piece of hinge wood, that’s the narrow strip of wood between the face cut and the back cut, you can use the come-a-long to bring the tree over and safely down.



DigLynden Tree Service Company does a lot of tree service work near Bellingham WA. We also do many jobs throughout Whatcom County. Lots of jobs in Lynden, Ferndale, Sumas, Everson, and Blaine. We are going on our 8th year as a tree removal company in Bellingham WA and appreciate every job. 

We can help with timber marketing.

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When DigLynden leaves, there’s nothing but the smell of the tree left.

Tim Bento – Owner


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