DigLynden Tree Service Company (360) 318-9795 Dangerous Removal of Maple Near Bellingham WA

This dangerous Maple, near Bellingham WA, was completely rotten out in the base, and needed an extra safety precaution to maximize positive results for removal.

The problem was that the maple tree was leaning toward a bridge crossing Dakota Creek.  It looked like the maple tree would just crash into the ones in-front of it if it did naturally break and fall but the home owner didn’t want to take the chance.  


Cut off a few medium sized branches on the way up but the top had another problem. Like the base of the trunk of the tree, the top was scared and rotting out.  The possible danger is the maple tree spitting down the center as I make the back-cut.  You can use a lot of different things, chains, ropes, chokers, are all used but for this one I used my repelling rope and looped it around the tree seven times.  If the tree splits these rope binds will hold the tree together and it will usually break off.  This is especially true when you take a large top.  The top of this maple tree was about 30′ and could have the weight needed to split the tree in half.  It’s a serious concern and one not to mess with.  

Started through the back cut and down it came.


Dangerous maple tree rendered safe near Bellingham WA by DigLynden Tree Service


Lowered the smaller saw and brought up the Husky 385.  With this saw and a sharp 32″ chain is was like cutting through butta.  

This is the second job for John and it looks like there will be more tree service for him in the future.  You price things fair and do a great clean-up and more times than not, you end up coming back.

It’s been a good spring for DigLynden Tree Service, we are booked out and going on estimates all week long.  Thank you, Bellingham and Whatcom County for choosing DigLydnen Tree Service to provide your professional tree service work.

Tim Bento – Owner

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I believe that, " ...all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His Purpose." Romans 8:28
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