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Cedar needed to be removed for safety in Bellingham WA

DigLynden Tree Removal Service 360-318-9795 was at South Bay Drive, in Bellingham WA this week,  a beautiful location to do tree removal service. Even in a monsoon. It rained all day, from start to finish. The last time I was this soaked was during another job which required immediate attention as the tree was leaning towards the deck’s adjustable paver pedestals. It is easy to replace the pedestals, but the owners of the house did not want to take any chances.

I was hired to dismantle a 50’ cedar tree that had the potential of tumbling down over a retaining wall. The tree had a definite lean and needed to be removed for safety.
The original plan was to either chunk the tree down from the top or pull it back and drop it on the driveway. The driveway is rock so that wouldn’t have been a problem. There is a pole building in the way but enough room to bring the tree into the drop zone. One apple tree would have had to be moved and a lot of rigging to pull it back and over. And we still would have had to limb some of the large branches to insure not hitting the roof. As we were discussing which way to go with this tree removal, the neighbor’s wife came out into her carport and was watching. I yelled, “Taking down this tree today, care if we drop it on your property.” She said she would go get her husband.

Paul came out and we talked about where the tree would go and about the cleanup of the tree. With a green light we proceeded to bring the cedar tree down by felling it at the base. I hesitate to tell you how many trees Steve has felled but let’s just say it’s “a lot”. 13 years working for a commercial logging company, Steve, has thousands of knock downs.

“it’s in the hole”

Our customer’s property sits 20’ about the location of where the tree would be for clean up. The contractors had put in a retaining wall made of huge boulders. When the tree came down, we were hoping that in would roll and or bounce to the ground, but it when the tip hit, the butt ended up staying on one of the boulders. This presented risk for getting the branches off. First we cleaned all the branches from under the tree. I wasn’t sure when the truck would come to haul the logs off and wanted to have that debris ready to chip in the meantime. We then took off all the branches. Because the tree was at an angle and getting under it to remove the branches would have been extremely dangerous, we used a gas powered pole saw to cut the branches off the bottom. With the last branch being cut off, the cedar tree rolled from its position and fell to the ground.

While we were chipping the branches, Paul, asked if we could drop two alders that were leaning over the house. Small trees, but because of where they were I had to climb them and cut them down from the top. Normally no problem but in the pouring rain it was a little more interesting. Got the alder trees on the ground and although I wasn’t asked to buck them up we did it as a friendly gesture. The use of Paul’s’ driveway was golden so it was appreciated with some extra service.

Your timber may be worth money, we can evaluate the value for you.

The removal of the trees to the mill was different on this job. A Couple of months ago I was working at Calvary Chapel Northwest on the Guide and needed some air in one of my tractor tires. Went down to Crazy Bob’s but guess he’s not crazy about air machines. Saw a guy working on a tow truck across the street and went over to ask him for some air for the tire. Mike is the owner of a towing company in Bellingham WA,

Advanced Towing of Bellingham WA diversifies into logging...

Advanced Towing of Bellingham WA diversifies into logging…



Advanced Towing. Nice guy, appreciated his help. Put a card of his in my wallet and plan to use him for my towing needs. Well, I have a constant desire to try to do things cheaper and more efficiently. The normal way to move logs is to use what is called a self loader. Runs $300 to $600 depending on where the logs are going. For two logs it is an expensive way to get them where you need them. Tow trucks run smaller engines and can get into places easier than the self loaders. Called Mike to see if he would be game to pull these cedar logs onto his deck and haul’em for me. He was, so with a 20,000 pound

Hauling cedar logs to the mill near Bellingham WA

capacity wench, Mike pulled the logs onto his truck. Beautiful! Cost me $100 and hopefully we got Mike another way to make some money with his trucks.

Advanced Towing of Bellingham is DigLynden’s towing company of choice. Put 360-255-3663 in your contacts under towing.


We asked Paul if he wanted the chips and he did. Left him a huge pile of cedar chips for his weed defense. If you would like free woodchips, call us at DigLynden Tree Service and we will put you on a running list. When we are doing a job in your neighborhood, we’ll call to see if you still want them.

With the cedar tree all cleaned up, DigLynden Tree Removal Service pulled out, very wet, and headed for home base.

We don’t always recommend you remove the tree in question but if it does need to come out, our estimates are free. We appreciate the call.

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