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DigLynden Tree Removal Service Company specializes in difficult tree service applications.     This job, off of Chuckanut Drive, was no exception.

A maple tree had grown out of control and was in need of a little hair cut.  The hot wires were far enough away to be a caution but no extra effort was necessary.  The only thing we did different was, instead of making an undercut in the branch, I just got right through the top.  This causes the branch of the tree to stay connected longer and results in the branch snapping off and falling straight down to the ground.  Avoiding the wires in this case.

Couple things interesting about this tree job.  One was how much the customer, Rolf, complimented me on my recommendation of what should be done with this tree.  I don’t always recommend removal and certainly don’t recommend more cutting than is absolutely needed.  Rolf appreciated how I studied the tree to come up with a good plan to minimize cutting and achieve the desired result.

The second thing about this tree work that was interesting was that in maple trees the branches are spread out in every direction.  A lot of times in maple trees the climber, in order to save time and not have to go all the way to the ground and climb back up the tree on the work trunk, maples have three or four major trunks going up, they will traverse over to the work area.  Easier said than done, sometimes.  I was in the process of traversing 20′ over through open space and the repelling rope got bound and I couldn’t move forward.  After 5 or so minutes of trying to press on I had to back up.  I was underneath the branch I left to start the traverse and needed to get back on top of it to free the rope.  Put one leg over the branch and used the other leg to kip myself up from beneath.  This is done by putting your leg as high as you can and whipping it  down, causing your whole body to move in that direction from the momentum.  Took a couple of kip ups but we finally got on top of the branch, got re-situated and swung back down to start the traverse again.  Not a problem, other than it took a ton of energy.

Finish this tree service work with a thorough cleaning of the work area and a nice conversation with Rolf about his koi pond.  Beautiful property off of Chuckanut, near Bellingham WA.

DigLynden Tree Removal Service Company – we appreciate your business.  Estimates and advice is free.  360-318-9795

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