Dangerous Alder: DigLynden Tree Service Bellingham WA

Not only was this tree service for an alder near Bellingham WA ugly, DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 had to get it to the ground in the pouring rain. 

The day was full of hard work.  The initial estimate, from Sally; whom we had done tree service for a couple weeks ago on South Bay Drive in Bellingham, was for chipping up a pile of branches.  DigLynden Tree Service will do that kind of work but it is really tough.  Home owners don’t know how to stack branches and prep a pile for chipping, so what happens is it gets all tangled.  On top of that, they usually will throw all sorts of stuff in the pile that can’t  be chipped.  We found root balls with with two foot pieces coming out of it, wood with nails, rebar, metal, tons of dirt was thrown on the pile; it’s a nightmare.  Takes so much energy to pull the chipable branches out and you have to use a chainsaw to do the work, trying not to hit something that will destroy your chain.  Not good, but we got it done and they were happy, that’s all that matters in tree service work.

Next we pulled over three 30′ trees. A hemlock, and a couple cedars.  They were right next to their home and were leaning toward it.  Climbed up 20′, put a rope in the trees  and just pulled them over.  The last one had grown up into the next project, an alder tree, and caused it to roll out of the alder and fall off course but the margin for hitting the home was enough that it didn’t matter.  

Now the dangerous tree removal of the day.  This alder had broken off all of it’s top and was rotten in several places.  There were sheds on two sides.  Most of the tree had a favorable lean but I was concerned that the back branch may slap the roof.  Climbed up, removing the back branches as  I went, got to the top area of the tree and put a pull rope in it so we could come-a-long it to the desired lay.  Man, this tree did not want to cooperate.  The base was around 30″ and the lean looked like it was going my way.  Got the face cut of the alder tree set, and was hammering through the back cut and no movement.  Had set up a come-along on another tree 50′ away and went over to pull this bad boy down to the ground.  Pulled the come-a-long all the way in and still no tree on the ground.  Went to the truck to get a second come-a-long, ratcheted four full pulls, and still no tree on the ground. This is where it gets scary. 

The back cut of the alder tree was up three inches, too high to lift it over with a wedge but the silly thing just did not want to go toward the lay.  Barber chair to the max, very dangerous situation.  Went back to the tree with a Husky 385 with a 32″ bar to nip that

Dangerous Alder Tree Service Removal near Bellingham WA

back cut a little more.  That’s spooky stuff.  Nailed it just a bit and got out of there.  Still no movement when I left the base of the tree.  With some hard pulls, the alder tree finally gave up the fight and came crashing to the lay. 


We bucked all the wood up as a courtesy to the customer, and cleaned up the debris.  All in the pouring rain.  It rained from start to finish on this Bellingham tree removal.  

DigLynden Tree and Tractor Service offers a variety of services.  Please take a moment to see what else, besides tree service work, we can do for you.

Thanks, hope you’re having a great day!

Tim Bento – Owner of DigLynden Tree and Tractor Service
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