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I thought it might be interesting to share some of the more dangerous experiences I have had in providing tree service in Bellingham and Whatcom County.

I did this one job in Bellingham, for a repeat customer, that was one of the scariest. Located up behind the Keller Williams there in Bellingham, it was a 40′ Alder growing on a bank. The ground was wet from days of constant rain. On the top of this Alder an Ivy plant had made its home. The top ten or so feet was a huge ball of Ivy. The top of the Alder was over the house, and lowering it from below the cut of the top of the Alder may put too much weight on the tree and send it crashing to the ground.

Right next to the Alder was a 50′ Maple. I decided to climb the Maple and place my lowering anchor in it. With the anchor place in the Maple I climbed back down, and started back up the Alder. Climbing and hacking my way though a ladder of thick Ivy. At about 25′ feet I felt something I had never felt before. The entire tree lunged forward six inches and didn’t come back. That was a sick feeling. With the pressure of the tree going down there is no way to undo the steel core flip line holding you on the tree. Relax, try to stay on the top and prepare for impact. Needless to say I gently worked my way down the tree to the safety of the floor. I retrieved another lowering rope went up 10′, put it around the Alder and back around the Maple two times, tied it off and started back up to the top. This time I got 20′ up the Alder tree and the stupid thing lunged again. Oh my, that is not good. Back down I went. I went to the truck for another rope, went to 20′ put the second rope around both the Alder and Maple, it was a real break to have that Maple there for this one. Would you believe the tree lunged a third time. You got it, back to the truck for another rope and a come-a-long. Went up to the 20′ level, secured the end of the rope, climbed back down the tree and set the other end of the rope 50′ back around the base of a Doug Fir. Cranked the come-along until I saw the tree moving backwards, but not too much so as to not lose the tension of the other holding ropes.

Wow, that was a lot of work for the money. Tree cutting is a great profession and I have a lot of respect for those who do it.

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