Bellingham WA Tree Service is very competetive!

A solid reputation, DigLynden Tree Service Here we are taking out 20 130′ White Firs in a backyard.

DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 knows doing tree service in Bellingham WA is tough.  I have seen at least seven good size companies serving Bellingham go out of business.  The question is what makes a tree service company successful and what kills it?

After nine years in business you get a good sense of the pulse of your industry.  The tree service industry is filled with interesting characters and situations.

One company does estimates in Bellingham in his $50,000 fairly brand new truck.  Very successful, and you pay for it.  About 30% higher than the rest of us, and for one reason.  Because of a solid reputation and time in the tree service business around Bellingham WA, his schedule is usually busy.  Although he was running two crews, but now is back to one, they are usually working consistently.  Having three weeks of business lined up and more estimates waiting means you can charge more, and win less estimates, and still do good.  The service isn’t any better than the other professional tree service companies in Bellingham but you get the privilege of paying the highest prices out there.

I had something I think is pretty funny happen last week with one of my competitors.  DigLynden Tree Service is now running two crews, so I tried hiring one of my competitors to chip up one of the jobs going on.  If it worked I could leverage their equipment and grow even faster, was my idea anyway.  I should have know something was wrong when the owner quoted me $70.00 per hour, including two of his employees, a chipper and a chip truck.  Well, I was told that the two guys chipping were obviously in no hurry, and even looked like they were stalling, but it gets better.  

DigLynden Tree Service can help you make money with your timber. Even a few trees can be worth a lot of money.

The owner quoted me 4.5 hours, about $360, I said fine.  The next day I was at the job finishing it up, he came by and I wrote him a check.  During the chipping the day before the neighbor came over and asked one of DigLyndens’ ground crew for an estimate. Steve told her that I would be over tomorrow to do the estimate.  I guess she told her husband to expect us to come over and give them an estimate to remove a birch tree in the back yard. After the owner of the tree service company got his check for the chipping, he went over to his truck, got a clip board, went up to the door, said hi, the home owner came out and my competitor did the estimate.  I am sitting right across the street working, and watching this happen right before my eyes.  One of his employees told him about the lady coming over and asking for an estimate and he must have thought, all’s fair in love and war.  I should have known a guy that rents his chipper on craigs’ list for $100 a day, wasn’t all there.  Oh well, won’t ever be calling him back for more chipping jobs.  Too bad, it could have been a good start of a mutually beneficial relationship.  Glad I found out early about his character and business ethics.

Ok, you’re asking, “so what, what’s the point”?  DigLynden Tree Service is growing and now has seven employees.  We are growing because we fair, focus on safe practices, and work great as a team, with an attitude to deliver the best service in the tree service industry.  As our schedule has grown three weeks out, we have kept out prices the same.  We feel in the long run, it will pay off.  

Ya, doing tree service in Bellingham WA is competitive, but with the right business practices it can be a wonderful business to operate.  We love it!

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