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First hot week of the summer and DigLynden Tree Service 360-318-9795 was on a good size tree service job in Bellingham WA.

The lead came in the form of a text. First lead by text, but it will probably be normal in the next few years. We had a couple text back and forth, went over to South Hill, a pretty area overlooking Bellingham Bay, to see what the investment of removing the trees would be, and sent over an estimate.

After eight years of estimating, you really get a feel for where the market is, time involved, any value in the wood, and how to put it all together so that everyone wins. I estimated this job around $1,200.00, which was aggressive for this tree service job.

We try to use every piece of wood the best way we can.

The trees included a Noble Fir that had a base on it of 50” across the trunk. It was a shorty, but the 10’ was worth some money. Well at least I thought it was. I asked a sawmill owner to come and take a look and see if the trees had value and he did and said yes. Great, that meant I could call in Precision Crane and have the wood taken off the job for at least a break even, and something other than firewood could be done with the wood.

Back to that part of the tree job in minute. The work was in the alley of 15th Street in Fair Haven. As I was working a lady came out and said, “in Germany we have to get permits to take down trees,” and went into how awful it is that people can cut trees down any time they want. I said that’s why my ancestors left Europe. Our constitution is mainly about the right of property ownership. And as a society we still believe that if I buy property and want to cut down the trees, it’s my property.  Keep in mind, sometimes I suggest to people not to cut their trees down.

I found out later that another neighbor’s boy, 20, was listening in his yard. His Mom came out and patted me on the back for taking the stand that I did. Turns out she is Patty Brooks’s sister, whose Facebook page I comment on a lot about these same sorts of concerns.

We give lots of woodchips away. Bellingham and Whatcom County residents can call DigLynden and be placed on a list.

When I got back to the tree job Wednesday morning, I set up to start chipping branches and I got nailed by a wasp. Looked closer and there was a ginormous paper wasp nest 5 feet away from where I was standing. Asked my gardener friend for some help and she said that she knew the bees were there and deserved to live out their lives in peace. Ok, but I said, “if they bite me again I am going to kill them.” Thankfully the noise and smell of the chipper must have numbed them, because they never bothered me again. I hate bees, other than eating their tasty honey.

Back to the tree job. Tuesday afternoon a neighbor down the alley a bit asked for the wood. I said no problem, take all you want. Wednesday morning when I returned to the tree work the wood was still there. Bummer; so I loaded up all the rounds and small pieces that were left. Some of the pieces were over 100lbs. First week of tree work in the Bellingham area during the heat of summer. Was feeling it too. Pretty exhausted loading the wood, I get to the last three or four rounds and he shows up. Oh well, I gave him all he wanted. Matt, nice guy, got his number for more throw away firewood in the future.

I tried to give the woodchips away on facebook, but didn’t get any takers, and I needed to dump them to be able to get the wood home. Enemies are just friends waiting happen, so I asked the gardener, who one side of the street doesn’t have many nice words to say about, if she would like them for herself or a customer. No, but the wall was knocked down between us. She came over a little while later and we had an enjoyable conversation about gardening and places to buy organic food in Bellingham WA. Out of all the people on the job, she turned out as pleasant as any of them.

Finished up the work, and left nothing but the smell of trees. Another good tree job in Bellingham, met nice people, saw great views, and enjoyed the hard work.

Thanks for taking a moment to read about this week’s tree service job, we look forward to helping you with your project.

Tim Bento Owner/Climber


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